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Casa Bugatti presents a world of new emotions and feelings with extraordinary creativity that ranges from classic and refined styles to the highest level of modern technological design. Bugatti's aim is to follow a natural evolution of linking practical aspects to a contemporary lifestyle whilst offering an array of new ideas to choose from. Bugatti wants to stimulate your interest by continually creating original and interesting solutions to modern day life. Casa Bugatti is clearly projected to reflect the friendly and easy atmosphere that allows you to find your ideal item. Relying on an internationally known brand name is not enough, the quality, beauty and practicality of each item is vital. At Casa Bugatti we want to change the way you think about your tabletop and kitchen. We take a basic, everyday item, evaluate and modify it so we can present you with a brand new concept, helping to make the experience of buying kitchenware and gifts a new world for you to discover. Enjoy yourself!

The Bugatti family company was founded in 1923 in Lumezzane, to produce cutlery and household articles, using the wealth of skills in the local metal ware industry. In the early days of the Bugatti Brothers' factory all the production was totally hand made. However as the company has always taken advantage of the latest technological processes available, this soon changed. For example, the first die-casting machine to be used in the area was at the Bugatti factory, together with the development of a new brass alloy called "Lega Bugatti". Another major factor of the factory's success was the brothers' ability to harness and utilise the best skills of the local artisans and general workforce, within the local specialist infrastructure that Lumezzane and Brescia offers. Today the company's products are purchased by an international customer base, and thanks to the past success of these ranges, and with future growth and innovative product development in mind, the company is proud to introduce itself under a new name: CASA BUGATTI.