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How do I get a more consistent coffee quality?
To get a consistent coffee quality, here are some tips:
The Saeco Adapting System will help to make the right coffee for you. After 10-15 times, the machine automatically sets the coffee dose (quantity of beans to be ground).
Adjust the grinding level until you find the right level for the type of coffee you are using and get coffee at the right strength.

  • Try different coffee blends. Use fresh and non-greasy coffee beans for the best performance. We recommend using a mixed Arabica-Robusta blend.
  • Check if the SBS valve dial on the dispenser head has been turned all the way to the right. If it is not, turn the dial to the right for creamier coffee.

Why does coffee come out at the sides of the dispenser?

  • Check that the holes in the dispenser head are not obstructed. If they are, clean them with a pin.
  • In machines that can work with pre-ground coffee, brew a cup of pre-ground coffee without putting in any ground coffee. If water comes out, the coffee beans may be the problem. In that case, we recommend re-adjusting the machine to the most suitable grinding level for the kind of coffee you want and/or to switch to a mixed Arabica-Robusta blend.
  • Remove the dispenser from the machine (if possible) and rinse it carefully according to the instructions in the user manual.



Which kind of milk is the best to use to make a good cappuccino?

  • We recommend using milk with 2 – 3.25 % fresh from fridge.

Can I use mineral water in the Saeco espresso machines?

  • Yes, still mineral water is fine but do not use sparkling water.  Lower is the level of residues of calcium in the water, less limestone will be created in the circuits of your espresso machine.

Which kind of coffee is the best for the machine?

  • We recommend using a mixed Arabica – Robusta blend.

How do I reset the descaling signal?

  • Consult the user manual for the instructions on how to reset the descaling signal after descaling.
  • The procedure varies from model to model. On some machines, the descaling signal resets automatically after the machine has been descaled and rinsed