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250 gr

Dolce Vita Deca

A continuous pleasure

Characteristics:  Beans with an intense taste that enhance the caffeine extractions without any taste alteration; intense balanced flavour.

65 % Arabica and 35 % Robusta

Origins:  Brazil, India

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250 gr and 1 kg

Dolce Vita Velvet

Endless Flavours

Characteristics:   Espresso with a refined yet persistent flavour. The different and numerous Arabica origins create an extraordinary mix of aromas and flavours, while the full-bodied structure given by the Robusta guarantees a fine and well balanced coffee. 

A blend of 75 % Arabica and 25 % Robusta.

Origins:  Central America, Africa, Asia

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250 GR and 1 KG

Dolce Vita Gold

A world of aromas

Characteristics:  The sweet flavour is accompanied by a pleasant degree of acidity. The different characteristics typical of each coffee region of origin infuse this coffee with aromas of toasted bread and spices. 

100% Arabica

Origins:  Central America, South America, Africa

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